Resource Centre open Monday – Friday 8am untill 11am. Appointments can be made either at the centre or a home visit can be made with prior arrangement.


Our Resource Centre sells a range of equipment which has been designed to enable people with sight problems to live independently. Our advisor can demonstrate equipment at the centre or bring it to your home.


Monomouse is a magnifier which once connected into the scart socket at the rear of the television allows you to switch between TV and the magnifier with the touch of a button. The mouse has a camera which when placed over the article you wish to read allows the words to be enlarged onto your TV screen. This makes reading easier from the comfort of your armchair.

Hand-held Illuminated Magnifiers

Hand held illuminated reading magnifiers, available in different strengths ranging from 3x magnification up to 12.5x. Portable magnifiers suitable for shopping, reading menus in restaurants and generally reading in low light areas.

Floor Standing Light

Swan floor standing light with additional magnification of 1.75x lens. On wheels with a long flexible arm which allows the light to be directed to suit your requirements.

Talking Clock with Calendar

Communiclock talking clock with calendar, has the added benefit of being radio controlled so when clocks adjust twice a year they change automatically. Clear male English speaking voice which is also adjustable.

Large Wall Clocks

Large wall clocks with a greater contrast black rim, numbers and hands. Also radio controlled so no need to change when clocks do.

Eye Shields

Eye shields reduce the amount of ultraviolet light that enters the eye and can also reduce glare. Different eye conditions require a different coloured filter, a variety are available to try.

Voice Recorders

Talking tin voice recorders magnetically stick to the tin with a recording of contents. Allows independence when preparing meals and making choices.

Audio News

A weekly update of the Islands news taken from The Guernsey Press and sent out on a memory stick. Courtesy of the Guernsey Post Office and Guernsey Press.

Listening for Pleasure

If you are interested in listening to talking books we can send subscribe you to different areas, RNIB, Calibre and our local Guille Allez library service.


We are also able to offer assistance with purchase of spectacles, eye tests and specialised equipment subject to approval.